Concordia University Wisconsin, USA.

Founded in the year 1881, Concordia University Wisconsin, USA has a rich history of imparting education to change mind seats of society. It has proved its mettle in Business Management, Marketing, CS & IT, Teachers Education, Nursing and Communication. It’s vast historical and religious believes prepare students to competently communicate their vocational knowledge on their practical lives.

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Undergraduate Programs:

Business, Management, Marketing and Sports:

Actuarial Science
Economics/Finance (Applied Economics)
General Business Finance
International Business
Sports and Entertainment Management

Communication and Related Programs:

Business Communication
Mass Communication
Public Relations

Computer and Information Science:

Computer Science


Art Education (K - 12)
Broad Field Science
Broad Field Social Science
Business Education
Choral Music Education (K – 12)
Early Childhood Education
Elementary Education
Health and Human Performance
Instrumental Music Education (K – 12)
Life and Environmental Sciences
Physical Education (K – 12)
Secondary Education
Special Education

Postgraduate Programs:

Master of Business Administration
Master of Church Music
Master of Occupational Therapy
Master of Physician Assistant Studies
Master of Science - Applied Exercise Science
Master of Science - Art Education
Master of Science - Education - Professional and School Counseling
Master of Science - Education - Curriculum and Instruction
Master of Science - Education - Early Childhood Education
Master of Science - Education - Education Administration
Master of Science - Education - Educational Design and Technology
Master of Science - Education - Environmental Education
Master of Science - Education - Family Studies
Master of Science - Education - Reading
Master of Science - Education - Special Education
Master of Science - Information Technology
Master of Science - Nursing
Master of Science - Rehabilitation Science
Master of Science - Student Personnel Administration

Doctorate Programs:

Doctor of Nursing Practice
Doctor of Pharmacy
Doctor of Physical Therapy
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Fee Structure

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International Office:
Phone: +92-42-35858043
Mobile: +92-302-6175233 +92-321-4493971
Office Address: 31-Tipu Block, New Garden Town, Lahore, Pakistan.