Nationwide School Franchises

Being the fastest growing Educational Group of Pakistan, we have decided to extend our educational expertise at School Level introducing franchises of two school systems: Superior Grammar School and The Spirit School.

This contribution of the Group will prove instrumental in spreading education in our country and strengthening excellent academic values. On the basis of our educational experience and acquired expertise, we invite all those people who want to join hands with us by getting Superior franchises to develop a Superior Pakistan.

Superior Grammar School is being introduced to meet the needs of the international standards of education. The whole paraphernalia required will be provided to ensure the quality education that is the main trait of Superior Educational System. Besides, the personality grooming of the students will be the prime priority of the system.
The Spirit School will provide affordable quality education to all. It will prepare the students for indigenous examination system. This School will cater to the academic requirement of the larger community of the country.

Chairman Message

Education, I believe, is of paramount importance in the life of a nation. It plays a pivotal role in transforming a mob of people into a well-balanced society. Superior Group of Colleges is established to materialize the very purpose of educating the youth of the nation so that we as a nation could have our rightful place in the array of developed nations of the world.

Superior Group is nationally and internationally acknowledged for imparting quality education. Our project of Superior franchises of Colleges initiated in 2010 has achieved a phenomenal success. We have established 25 franchises of Superior Colleges in different cities in a very short span of time. Now by the grace of Almighty Allah we are moving ahead by developing Nationwide two systems of schools: Superior Grammar Schools and The Spirit Schools.

The main objective here is to provide the students a new experience of learning which is not confined only to the classrooms. The system will prepare students to participate in rich and varied extracurricular activities. Every student will share the tradition of educational excellence which is the hallmark of the Superior educational system. To materialize these ideas and to implement this rigorous academic planning, the management and the faculty chosen undergo intensive training and inculcate in their minds the aims and objectives of this System.

I fully understand that the complex global challenges of our age are immense, but I know our capacity for the work and our passion for making our beloved country a happier, healthier, prosperous and wealthier place are equally immense. We also hope that this project of Superior Group will change Pakistan’s fate and prove to the world that Pakistan has the courage to create miracles.

May Allah Almighty bless this initiative!

Prof.Dr.Ch.Abdul Rehman

Why become a Superior Franchisee?

  • Enjoy the reputation of the fastest growing institute of Pakistan having a network of around 50 campuses nationwide with 50,000 students studying and over 5,00,000 Alumni.
  • Visionary leadership with a mission to promote quality education.
  • Complete career development path from playgroup to PhD level.
  • Collaborations with international institutions.
  • Superior training support by Centre for Human Resource Development.
  • Superior teaching and learning methodologies.
  • Superior HR support.
  • Superior Legal support.
  • Superior marketing support.
  • Shared expenses to bring higher returns.
  • Contribution towards building a Superior Pakistan.
  • IT support, with web based Student Information System.

Financial Responsibilities

Superior Grammar School (SGS)

The aim of the project is to establish a school system of international standard education that competes with the educational systems of the most advanced countries like the USA, Australia and the UK. The students of SGS will be prepared for the GCE ’O’ and ’A’ level examination.

Salient Features:

  • International Standard Education to prepare the students to face the challenges of the globalization.
  • Academic excellence through highly professional Management.
  • Educational Technology to facilitate the teachers and the students to benefit from all the modern teaching tools and learning teniques.
  • Grooming a social personality of the student with an emphasis on the respect for all human beings irrespective of their cast, creed, and race.
  • Extracurricular Activities including horse riding, swimming, athletics and games by coaches of national and international recognition.
  • Experienced faculty with professional dedication and life long learning attitude.
  • Purpose-built Campuses conducive to learning environment with all amenities - library, science labs, cafetaria etc.
  • School societies to explore the inborn capabilities of the students and to help them actualize their potentials.
  • Field trips to help students to gain practical knowledge and skills to strengthen their theoretical knowledge.

The Spirit School (SS)

The Spirit School Education System is based on matriculation system of examination competing with all nationwide school systems in affordable fee packages. The school system is designed to engage young minds to create a culture that facilitates learning, while providing an environment for skills and personality development

Salient Features:

  • Quality education nationwide at affordable fee packages.
  • Customized syllabus to meet the academic requirements of our education system.
  • Development of national character by focusing on moral and social values of the society.
  • Highly trained and motivated faculty to impart quality education.
  • Personality grooming holds the main focus of our educational programme.
  • Extracurricular activities to develop a strong mental and physical health of the students and to teach them selfdiscipline.
  • Well-stocked library to give students extra reading to enhance their academic knowledge.
  • Well equipped science & IT labs for providing practical experience to the students.
  • Liaison between parents and teachers to utilize maximum potential of the learners and to overcome barriers between the teacher and the students.
  • Web Portal helping students and parents to excess academic activities and to be linked with the school academic system.
  • Use of educational technology to fully benefit from the learning experience.

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