Ms Engineering Management

In today’s highly price conscious era, on time comple-tion of engineering projects is of paramount impor-tance to save huge expenditures and efforts involved. Hence, Engineering Management has become one of the most important specialties in engineering fields. In this discipline, an engineer, in addition to his technical Knowledge, learns about project adminis-tration and management, scheduling and planning procedures, organization and coordination techniques, financial, statistical and quality control analyses, busi-ness and legal principles. In Engineering Management, an engineer manages and directs actual execution of a project from start to completion. This converts thought and design into reality. In Superior University’s unique MS Engineering Management program, you will learn about actual management and execution of the projects because of the Superior University’s exclusive collaborations with Building Research Station, Commu-nication and Works (C&W) Department, Government of Punjab, Lahore and Institution of Engineers (IEP), Lahore.

B.Sc/B.E in any Engineering Discipline (Except Civil and Architecture Disciplines), B.Tech. (Hons) in Relevant Field or Equivalent Qualifications.
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Road Map

Semester - I
Course Title
Project Planning and Management
Engineering Economy and Value Management
Engineering Law, Contract and Contract Administration
Semester - II
Course Title
Management Information Systems
Methods and Equipment: Quality and Productivity
Human Resourse Management
Semester - III
Course Title
Ergonomics, Work Time Measurement and Process Planning
Project Risk Management
Semester - IV
Course Title
Thesis Project/ Practical Fullfilment