MS/M.Phil Educational Leadership and Management (ELM)

The course has been designed for educational professionals who may be based in Pakistan or anywhere in the world and are working as, or aspire to be:

  • a leader or manager in a school, college or university

  • an educational consultant

  • working in an educational, planning, development or inspection role for a regional, national or an international organization

  • an instrument of change in the field of educational policy and management

M.Phil in Educational Leadership and Management has been designed for those who have experience of working in educational institutions and seek to develop a better understanding of leadership practices and change management. The content is covered through interrelated themes of leadership for learning, policy structures, institutional effectiveness and improvement, perspectives on learning and leadership, educational evaluation and issues/dilemmas in the contemporary educational setting.

Students, enrolled in the M.Phil course, complete the coursework in one year through intensive teaching sessions on weekends and move on to dissertation under the guidance and supervision of a seasoned and resourceful educational expert.

M.A. Education/M.Ed. from HEC recognize University GRE (General) from NTS

Admission Procedure:
A candidate seeking admission to the MS/M.Phil. Educational Leadership and Management must have to appear for interview.

Scholarships and Grants:

Scholarship for Govt. Teacher:

Superior College is offering 5 scholarships to Government Teachers at 20% funding for its M.Phil and Ph.D. program.

Organizational Discount:

Fee discount of 30% is given to candidates if at least three teachers from an organization join any degree program of Education (M.Phil/Ph.D).

Merit Scholarship:

All existing students who have attained a CGPA of 3.8 (by taking full work load in each semester as prescribed by the institute) will be entitled to a scholarship of 25% of the tuition fee in the next academic year.

Needbase Scholarship:

Students will have to apply for financial assistance to the Registrar Office on the prescribed form along with the required documents. Scholarship equal to 25%, 50% or 75% tuition fee may be granted for one academic year after establishing their need due to financial hardship on the recommendation of scholarship committee.

A scholarship award would initially granted for one academic year which would be renewable on student’s request on the following conditions:

  • Students maintain a CGPA of 3.00
  • Take full work load as prescribed by the institution.

"Weekend Base Classes (Saturday & Sunday)"
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Road Map

Semester - I
Course Title
Educational Leadership, Management and Organization
Educational Policy Studies
Semester - II
Course Title
Quality Assurance in Education
Finance and Resource Management
Leadership Theories and Practices in Education
Semester - III
Course Title
Qualitative Research
Writing for Research, Publication and Research Semester
Introduction to SPSS and ENVIVO
Semester - IV
Course Title