Ph.D. in Law

For the last decade or so, Superior College of Law (SCL) in addition to its 3 year LL.B. course of the Punjab University, started LL.M. (2 year) and Ph.D. ( 3 year ) degree programs right in compliance with the HEC rules. These higher degree programs of SCL have seen success and as a result are now extremely popular amongst potential students i.e lawyers. It is due to this success that SCL has gained an unmatchable fame and popularity as an institution of credibility. Since no other institution, except SCL offers Ph.D. in Law in the country, this tags it as a leader in the field of legal education. Another reason why we are ahead is the skill we show in conducting law classes our own way, where we teach theory, and case law both. We also teach research methodology to our LL.M. and Ph.D. students who are expected to write thesis and dissertations after completion of the HEC prescribed course work. Something very exceptional, however, about us is that our method of teaching is invitational and friendly. We involve our students into dialogue one with the other since we believe that in order to clearly understand the law, dialogue is essential and so is class participation. Hence, over the years we have experienced that almost all of our LL.M. and Ph.D. students, of whatever background they may be, have gained a lot from our committed teaching, and students’ presentations and participation in the class. Of course this has become possible only due to the sincerest efforts of highly qualified and experienced faculty, which is unmatchable by any rival law teaching institution of the country.

Making law comprehensible to all and sundry, is our motto.

Superior College of Law is the first ever legal Institution in Pakistan to start internationally recognized post grad LLM and PhD programs in private sector. These programs are open to legal professionals, academicians and law graduates who wish to gain a broader understanding of national and international legal issues which are increasingly necessary in today’s globalized law practice. We therefore have the reason to claim that our LLM and PhD degrees will help students to enhance their legal skills and understanding of legal culture, besides providing them with excellent training in various legal arenas.

PhD in Law

Admission to PhD in Law is extremely selective. Minimum duration of course work is 1 year followed by a supervised research on an approved topic of law of 2 years. In all PhD is a 30 credit hours program carried on under the HEC guidelines.

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Road Map

Semester - I
Course Title
Constitutional Law I
Criminal Law I
Semester - II
Course Title
Constitutioal Law-II
Criminal Law II
Company Law I
Semester - III to Semester - VI
Course Title