Chaudhry Muhammad Akram Center for Enterpreneurship Development



Developing entrepreneurial potential of Pakistani youth.


We are committed to develop ‘superior’ entrepreneurs by changing mindsets of Pakistani youth from finding jobs to creating entrepreneurial opportunities through creativity and innovation. We aim to achieve an economically superior Pakistan by delivering research informed teaching, resource assistance, mentor-ship, as well as on-the job assistance to budding entrepreneurs.


1. To promote entrepreneurial culture in Pakistani society keeping in view of local economic, social, political, and geographical conditions
2. To design and deliver indigenous education and training programs for the promotion of entrepreneurship and enterprise development.
3. To conduct primary hands-on research to be utilized in the classroom as well as disseminated at national and international levels.
4. To facilitate mentorship and on-the-job-assistance for potential as well as existing budding entrepreneurs.
5. To collaborate with national and international organizations to promote entrepreneurship culture in Pakistani especially among youth, women, and disadvantage communities
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