Center for Human Resource Development

Concerns of Human Resources Development have been one of the priority areas for Superior Group of Colleges since its inception. The centre recognizes the instrumental role played by the human resources, in fostering economic growth and social development. We aim to create an environment for our employees and students where they can develop their full potential and lead to productive, creative lives in accord with their needs and interests.CHRD programs recognize and address the central role of human development by promoting thoughtful research and practice through arranging Learning Seminars, Conferences and training workshops for the service of employees and students.


To Create and sustain a positive learning environment through transformation of professional skills and promotion of team building to enrich Human Capital


The mission of Centre for Human Resource Development (CHD) is to enhance the corporate skills of employees and the students so that they are able to add some value to their personal and professional lives, which ultimately lead towards the excellence of institution and nation.


  • Promoting thoughtful research to enhance productivity and job efficiency.

  • Optimum utilization of organizational human resource.

  • Developing a result oriented approach amongst our employees and students.

  • To overcome the deficiencies in skills, knowledge or attitudes of the people, so that they are able to achieve the organizational objectives in an efficient way.

  • CHRD aims at improving the work environment through team building to make Superior an organization that has best knowledge management practices.

  • To make Superior a learning organization